60 Minutes of Exercise Per Day: A Magic Number for Students

Official exercise guidelines are set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an organization within the Department of Health and Human Services. The CDC recommends that children engage in 60 minutes of physical activity every day. That’s 60 minutes total for the day—the activity does not have to take place all at one time. A 5-minute jog in the morning, 15 minutes of basketball during recess, a 20-minute bike ride in the afternoon, and a 20-minute walk after dinner—all of this activity adds up.

A great advantage of the 60-minute recommendation is that it’s such an easy figure to remember. Tell your students that they should exercise 1 hour a day and most of them will remember that figure the next day and beyond.

Encourage your students to meet this important fitness guideline!


Author: mgardner123

Author of the PE by Design program. I'm passionate about helping K-5 classroom teachers teach physical education.