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Staff-Development Training from PE by Design

PE by Design offers a district-level wellness and physical education presentation for classroom teachers in elementary schools. The primary goals of this presentation are to familiarize teachers with fitness and health concepts, to help teachers understand their own wellness and that of their students, and to give teachers strategies for teaching PE successfully. This 3-hour presentation consists of three parts, roughly an hour each, with a short break between sections.

Part 1 provides an overview of the current childhood obesity crisis. We’ll look at contributing factors, such as the rise of unhealthy processed foods and the advertising strategies of food manufacturers. In particular, we’ll examine the increased role of sugary foods in children’s diets and the related increase in childhood disease, with an emphasis on diabetes.

Part 2 focuses the basics of fitness. We’ll look first at fitness concepts for adults and discuss the benefits of exercise for adults. We’ll examine what role these concepts play in teachers’ lives and offer fitness strategies that can benefit teachers. Next, we’ll cover fitness concepts for children and explore strategies for using exercise to enhance learning.

Part 3 covers the PE by Design program. We’ll introduce the program philosophy and materials. We’ll focus on approaches for implementing the activities, and we’ll discuss class-management strategies. We will also cover the logistics of viewing the PE by Design program on desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices.