PE by Design book
PE by Design book
PE by Design book

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Paperback, 8.5″x11″

302 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9855871-0-9

LCCN: 2012940974

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Student One Education © 2014

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PE by Design demystifies physical education and brings fitness fundamentals to life!

Program Overview

The entire program fits into a single 302-page, soft-bound manual.

Part 1 covers fitness basics.
Part 2 contains 40 scripted PE lessons.
Part 3 offers additional games and activities.

Appendixes provide additional information:

  • An overview of national and state physical education standards
  • An illustration showing major muscles used in the exercises
  • Class-management tips for creating a safe, structured class environment
  • A list of recommended equipment

PE by Design is a practical PE program that makes it easy for classroom teachers to create engaging physical fitness activities for their students. The manual’s user-friendly format features step-by-step instructions enhanced by hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Lessons and activities require minimal set-up and equipment. Most activities can be performed on a blacktop or a grass field, with just a few small cones. Part 1: The Five Elements of Fitness for Children PE by Design defines and explains essential fitness concepts and features dozens of fitness-focused activities. The material contains illustrations and step-by-step instructions. (To view full-size sample pages, click the images below.)

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Part 2: 40 Fitness Lessons

Teachers can simply bring their students to the playing field, set up a few cones, and read the scripted lesson out loud. Students follow the prompts and receive a well-rounded fitness experience. Each lesson fits on a two-page spread, making it easy to work with in the field. (To view full-size sample pages, click the images below.)

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Part 3: Games and Activities

The PE by Design program emphasizes developing fitness levels and cooperative skills. Teachers can choose appropriate games for their students, based on grade level, type of activity, and degree of intensity.

Game pages provide clear step-by-step instructions. (To view full-size sample pages, click the images below.)

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