5 PE Activities That Require No Equipment, For K–5 Classroom Teachers

For many classroom teachers the thought of hauling equipment out and setting it up is a huge roadblock to teaching physical education. It’s enough to prevent some teachers from trying altogether. To counter their concerns, I tell them to focus on activities that use minimal equipment.

Are you wondering how to deal with this issue? Rest assured, there are plenty of fitness-based activities that require little or no equipment.

When you begin teaching PE, I recommend that you just bring your students out to the yard without equipment. Make things as easy as possible. Focus on simple activities, such as running. Once you are comfortable taking your students out, and the simple routine seems familiar and manageable, try adding activities that require equipment.

Here are 5 free activities for classroom teachers from the PE by Design website that require no equipment.  Click on the link to view and download the activity PDF:

  1.  The Big Tie  (2-5)
  2. Copycat Run (2-5)
  3. Bear Greetings (K-5)
  4. Foursquare Tag (1-5)
  5. Amoeba Tag (2-5)